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Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


Larish Neue and Harmonia Sans were paired. Larish’s retro feel aludes to the space race era and Harmonia Sans, a modernised Futura, provides a highly legible body copy at multiple weights.


The logo mark tells the story of the planet mercury that passes between the sun and earth 13 times a century. The red is vibrant on the dark spacey background, which creates a feeling of playfulness and can be used to highlight relevant UI content.

Colour Palette

The dark spacey background provides the perfect backdrop for vibrant colours. These colours are used in the UI throughout the site to bring attention to key elements. The illustrations also utilise this simple colour scheme to create continuity throughout the brand.


Intricate celestial illustrations give the design scale and further add to mercury1’s unique brand identity.


The brand discovery workshop helped us define mercury1’s story, brand attributes and market positioning. Using these insights the meant following designs were true to the companies brand identity and focused on achieving their business goals.


Animating the logo allows mercury1 to clearly showcase their technical authority. The logo can then be used within the website loading screen, pitch decks and digital advertising.

Website Design

Mercury1 required a unique mobile experience that allows potential clients to input their budget and timeline requirements to then see what package would be most appropriate.

The Brief

Mercury1 wanted to express their unique characteristics and story as a remote software development company that approaches client relationships with honesty and authenticity.

The Solution

Following the brand strategy workshop a confident and playful design style was established. This conveys the companies unique brand story and approach.

Website Design

Including big and bold illustrations gives the web design a sense of scale. The dark spacey background has been utilised to help highlight key details such as the logo and CTA buttons using vibrant colours throughout the design.

Will Lyons

Marketing Manager at S3

The great work delivered has made a big impact on our business, laying a solid platform on which we can build. We are grateful for the way that you’ve have pushed the boundaries.

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