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Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


Sailec is a neutral and geometric typeface. These qualities made it the perfect candidate for miri’s impartial and approachable brand.


The two blue arrows convey upward performance and progress and the ‘m’ of miri. The two hero colours relate to miri’s unique approach of combining creativity with testing.

Colour Palette

A bright colour palette gives the brand the creative and open feel. These are offset by a more serious deep blue to elude to the systematic brand attribute.


Playful illustrations give context to the design, allowing the user to put themselves into the position of the client.

Report Dashboards

Miri required a new dashboard style interface for their performance reports, allowing them to stand out from competition with a unique aesthetic.


Animating the illustrations brings them to life and adds an additional level of credibility to the brand. The animations allow complex ideas to be communicated in a simple and engaging way.

Marketing Materials

The Brief

Miri required a brand identity that clearly communicates it’s position as a reliable leader in the performance marketing field.

The Solution

Produce a brand that conveys Miri’s unique characteristics using contemporary design principles that sets it apart from the competition.

Website Design

All the brand deliverables come together to produce a playful, creative and approachable design aesthetic. The animations help convey complex processes and the clear visual hierarchy of information makes the content easy to digest.

Adam White

Founder of Miri Growth

The branding workshop was a valuable and concise way to develop and consolidate our company brand, for both internal and external use. We were very pleased with the outcome.

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